Non-Profit Reg: 8607877

Dancing Damsels Inc.

A multicultural organization for arts promotions & women empowerment


We are committed to giving back to our community from the proceeds of our events - so if you find anyone poor and needy - DD is ready to extend their hands to them - especially for empowering women and for education - contact or direct to us: Charity organizations and agencies please excuse. We are looking for the end users only.

Here's what we did through your support -

  • Gave money to provide food for 60 people at "Piyathabhavan" in Kerala, India.
  • Gave the 1st installment tuition fee for a Nursing student in Kerala, India
  • Gave cooking oil for 64 families through the South Asian Women's Center in Toronto, Canada.
  • Gave a sewing machine for the Sewing Circle at the South Asian Women's Center in Toronto, Canada.
  • Gave one semester college fees for a promising orphaned tribal girl from Krishnakripa Balikasadanam, Kerala, India.
  • Gave one semester college fees for a deserted young girl from Krishnakripa Balikasadanam, Kerala, India.
  • Contributed towards the Hop On The Bus -Toy Drive by Global Wellness based in Mississauga, Canada.
  • Contributed towards purchasing a 10 liter grinder to Sukritham Home that provides for 27 orphaned kids living in their facility.
  • Donated towards Kailasa Kaladhara Cultural and Charitable Trust scholarship for physically challenged girls learning dance.
  • Donated towards the Chennai Rain Relief 2015 Rehabilitation Efforts

Handing over cheque to Princess Margaret Cancer Centre

Scholarship donation given to Ms. Jayalakshmi Jithendra, Managing Trustee of Kailasa Kaladhara Cultural and Charitable Trust who trains physically challenged students in the art of Bharathanatyam

Christmas Donation to the South Asian Women's Center (SAWC)

Donating a sewing machine to the sewing club at the South Asian Women's Center, Toronto, where women turn used saris and Indian clothes to bags, organizers, table cloths etc. (TEAM DD with Kripa Sekhar - Executive Director of SAWC)

Donating cooking oil for 64 families through South Asian Women's Center, Toronto

Toy Donation to Global Wellness - Chum City Christmas Toy Drive 2015

We fulfill our company objective P.E.A.C.E. through our annual events. We are able to organized these events through sponsorship and ticket sales for our events. Each member of our company is 100% volunteer and their collective effort makes and breaks even each event. Any proceeds that we have from our events are used for DD Helping Hands - our charity initiative. We do not discriminate anyone who needs our help, from anywhere around the world. We keep a record of all those who reach out to us and support them whenever we can. We thank each and everyone who has contributed and made it possible for us to help those in need.