Non-Profit Reg: 8607877

Dancing Damsels Inc.

A multicultural organization for arts promotions & women empowerment

Dance Group


Dancing Damsels dance group was started in Oct 2012 to support adult women who are looking for an opportunity to dance. Dancing Damsels dance group is a separate entity from the Dancing Damsels Company in legal character, organization and purpose. The two entities possess similar names because they share the same founder. The Dancing Damsels Dance Group will be managed exclusively by its founding members.

What is the purpose of Dancing Damsels Dance Group?

 Dancing Damsels Dance Group serves to provide:

  1. A supportive environment for adult ladies who are experienced dancers and are looking for opportunities to perform.
  2.  An environment where choreographers can create and perform their works with other members of the dance group.
  3.  Opportunities for registered members to perform in various cultural events in and around the Greater Toronto Area, including events organized by the Dancing Damsels Inc.

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